Connect the dots

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Natives Exploring The City

I know it's been a while since I've posted on this site. We've definitely traveled since the big trip, only not as extensively. I finally got Marc and Alex to the Philippines (twice!) and the previously postponed trip to Japan was realized. All of our other plane rides have landed us in the Spanish speaking Americas: an easy plane ride, more or less the same time zone, mouthwatering food, warm weather, and even warmer people.

This summer we have decided to stay local. Why you ask? Has the wanderlust fizzled? 

With my sister arriving from Germany to celebrate a milestone birthday, Marc wanting to work, Alex's protest to camps (other than her 2 week sleep away to farm camp), and me lacking the desire to plan anything, we are here in New York, ready to take on the hot, humid, urban landscape.

I've forgotten what it is like to be here, always trying to escape when I get my 8 weeks of freedom. But a NYC summer vacation schedule can fill up as quickly as a Michelin starred restaurant.  There are beaches for swimming and tanning, theater and dance to catch up on, museums to linger and cool off in, touristy places native New Yorkers never visit, and lots of FREE movies, concerts, and theater in the park. This is the summer that I have decided to get to know NYC (and surroundings) again and my little NYC native is coming along with me to explore. 

Here's what we have on our list, so far: 
  1. The Cloisters/Fort Tryon Park
  2. Wave Hill
  3. Roosevelt Island 
  4. Snug Harbor
  5. Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum
  6. Shakespeare in the Park: Twelfth Night
  7. Louis Armstrong House 
We are open to lots of other ideas, especially places that are less explored! What are your favorite NYC summer spots?