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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back to School in Ghana

Looks like this vacation is going to begin with work - or I should say, school. Recently, I received a flyer in the mail from the NYU Occupational Therapy department. I thought to myself - Doesn't NYU have enough of my money??? But upon skimming the specialty courses, I discovered that my former professor, Anita Perr, was offering a course titled: Disability in a Global Context: Ghana. And it was scheduled for January. I took this as a sign that we definitely had to start in West Africa, and that now, there was a purpose, and there was a definite place to start. Shortly after I put this together, I e-mailed Anita with our tentative plans and basically offered free labor for this course. I waited and waited for a response. But nothing. Did she forget who I was? Was she not allowed to take former students who were too cheap to pay for the course? Did she think I was trying to get a plane ticket and lodging? Did the e-mail end up in her spam? After 2 weeks I got this response:
Hi Christine,

I was hoping to have some answers for you but can't wait any longer to email you back. I'm SO excited about this. Karen Buckley and I are co-teaching so I'm copying this to her too. We'll be in Accra Jan 4- 3(ish). I will send you the schedule when I know it. I'd like to figure out a way to get you involved in the class. I think we can figure out some guest lecture/dinner or something at the very least.

Anyway, we'll figure something out. How great!!!

Anita (and Karen)
I suppose this means I can start searching for tickets to Accra. My Lonely Planet Africa guide has named Ghana: Africa for beginners. We surely aren't beginners to Africa, but looks like were going to begin this adventure there. Anyone have contacts in Ghana? Better yet, any Ghanian babysitter recommendations?


  1. I'm so excited for you! I wish I had some contacts in Ghana to offer, but sadly, I don't. Nor do I have a Ghanian babysitter. But I am so psyched for your journey!

  2. No worries. My back-up plan is to appear as if I've always been a good Catholic girl and plea to some nuns along the way for some reliable child care. They can't possibly be stricter than I am with her already.