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Saturday, January 8, 2011

House packing

From this...

Let the packing begin! And since I'm terrible at organizing when it comes to packing, my sister is here to rescue me. I usually start with a plan, but end up walking around, filling various boxes instead of staying focused on one, and the items are no more packed than when I started. Fortunately, my sister is still here.

Quick side story: she went to Italy, no work (she's also an OT), ate lots of good food, stayed with friends and family for 2 months, came back to the US, and is going to the tropical Azores to be a therapy program director at a school on a navy base. Tough life, I know.

And she's not leaving until next week. I need to milk this.

Here's the result of her gracious assistance. And we were also lucky enough to do this while Alex was in school. Otherwise, there would have been all sorts of drama involving her wanting this book and not wanting us to put away this get the idea. this!

One room down...

Thank goodness for the organization-obsessed Mama'lene's in the world. What would we do without them?

What is your packing formula? Or do you just randomly throw it in like I do?


  1. This may sound ridiculous, but I would number each box and keep a running list of boxes and generally what was in them. That way, when I needed something, I could call a friend or family member and say "In box #34 there's an X, could you please mail it to me in Hong Kong?" and it was an easy task! Sounds like too much, but it really helped!

  2. I have moved nine times since college and my secret to packing is that I just keep getting rid of stuff. The more times I put something in and take something out of a box and carry it up and down however many stairs, the more I think, Do I really need this? (No!) :) If it wasn't for all these damn speech toys, I would actually have an empty closet in my apartment! I love that you are taking this trip and keeping this blog btw, and will be cyber-stalking you throughout the year, have fun!

  3. Let me tell you how much baby stuff I've already given away! And yes, all this packing - cathartic.

  4. i'm packing now and i am doing what you would do. start with many boxes and can't seem to focus on one. it's tough. I am thinking of getting rid of things i haven't used in cassette tapes. I can't seem to let go.