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Monday, September 26, 2011

Going Tribal in the Omo Valley

A visit to the southwest corner of Ethiopia in the Omo Valley is sheer visual candy. Not only are the landscapes incredibly variable, so are the many tribes that inhabit this area. Most are pastoralists and farmers who have continued their way of life despite the modern world imposing its ways.



Fresh pot


Grandma's musical instruments

What do you do with a broken flip-flop? Make a necklace with it of course!

 School playground in the village. Almost none of the children attend school since they are busy tending the cattle, farming, and/or helping out at home.


Mobile homes


Ready for marriage



Chief's compound

Former chief's grave marker

Terraces of various crops that are rotated to maintain soil integrity

Trimming for typical Konso skirts

Back breaking work of women


Charlie Brown home

From this...

to this: corn-based injera ready to sell at the market

Distilling home brewed araki


Groom at the market
Versatile airtime phone credits


How to Make False Banana Bread
Step 1: Scrape all flesh of false banana trunk off
Step 2: Leave to ferment in leaves for a few days
Step 3: Chop into small pieces
Step 4: Cook on banana leaves over fire
Step 5: Eat with spicy sauce!

Bamboo bark beehive home

Neither rain nor mud will keep us from the market!

Perfect muddy market shoes

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  1. Great pictures Christine! I am sitting in my office in mid-town Manhattan right now being very jealous of your journeys. I am enjoying reading about your adventures. You daughter is extremely cute. Lucky for you she is a good traveler.