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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ahh Akwidaa

We had nothing to do but relax for 5 days without internet or mobile phone connection. The stretch of beach in the western region of Ghana is pristine, with nothing but small fishing villages dotting it’s shores. The 8km dusty and pothole filled road from Dix Cove to Akwidaa was absolutely worth it!

The one drawback (but not entirely) was the sad story of our beautiful hotel, Safari Beach Lodge. The quick version: an American couple, one a chef, opened up this well designed “eco-luxury resort”. It apparently was a hit until it was sold over a year ago to a Dutch guy living in Nigeria. The guy is hardly ever there, leaving the staff to run the place the best they know how. But with no real manager, it looks like the place is just a shadow of its former self.

Case in point – we arrive after 7 hours of transport, with a reservation, only to wait one hour to be shown our room, given the wrong room, Marc helped the guy move Alex’s extra twin bed , and asked to pay for our full stay in advance –all from a man with an affect that barely registered a heartbeat. Not the start we wanted for the wind down portion of this trip.

Marc and I even pondered the thought of staying for a few months and offering to help out. It’s really that beautiful and thoughtfully designed. Thankfully, the kitchen staff retained the skills of the chef, so the food was a definite winner.

By contrast, it’s more casual next door neighbor, The Green Turtle Lodge had no vacancy. It’s run by a super friendly and smiley English guy, Tom with his family. Alex was so happy to see kids her age.

Despite the bad the start, we had a National Geographic moment one night when the receptionist who appeared to loathe us woke us up for a rare experience.

We were witness to a leatherback turtle laying her eggs along the beach, burying them and returning to sea.

Who says there's no school on vacation? We played some bones.

Akwidaa kids

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  1. how beautiful and amazing! wondering where you are now.