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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oui, Ouaga

I am so happy to be in the French speaking part of West Africa. Not that things weren't good in Ghana. But our arrival into Ouagadougou welcomed us with what we found was missing in Ghana- a love of culture/art and fantastic food! Maybe it's also because we're here during FESPACO (the Pan-African Film Festival). The city is full of ambiance.

At the Institut Francais, we caught a free Nigerian film about a young girl with a physical disability and its misconceptions. Marc and I are attempting a night out to catch some films and hiring Amie, a Burkinabe and teacher in a nursery school, to watch Alex this evening.

At our tranquil hotel, Le Karite Bleu and considering running away with the Peul.

Dinner at the lovely Espace Gondwana - overflowing with West African art.

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