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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sleeping with the sisters

Sisters or brothers?

If you are looking to escape the frantic and sticky port city of Lome in Togo, head up the switchback, potholed roads to the cool and calm of the Danyi Plateau. We made our home one night at the abbey of the Benedictine nuns of Dzogbegan since the monks were completely booked! Who would have guessed this was such a tourist attraction? With just one more week until Easter, it made sense people were making their pilgrimage to this beautiful and peaceful site. The accommodations were clean and spartan as expected with each of the rooms named after saints. We lodged in St. Matthew, while the nuns provided St. Mark for Marcel and Soul. For $20 you have a room with a bucket shower, a bottle of mineral water, a 3-course dinner, and breakfast. You'll also get to rub elbows with your fellow lodgers while washing and drying the dishes and setting the table for tomorrow's breakfast. Since they've been here, they've contributed to the local economy cultivating coffee and cacao, and selling locally produced items such as yogurt (which came with breakfast), spices, honey, cookies and of course, religious items like rosaries.

Meditating before 7am morning mass with the sisters

Cool, green and lush Danyi Plateau

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