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Monday, May 23, 2011

Birthday at Rehab

Although, there are times when I'd like to drink to oblivion (especially when Alex is acting up), I haven't gone Betty Ford (yet). And if I did have to go to rehab, I'd certainly wouldn't mind having the Drakensberg escarpment as a backdrop.

We spent the day tagging along with the staff of the Kubu Safari Lodge near Hoedspruit for a field trip. We took our chances the day before and rushed to pick a place off a tourist map as nightfall began. Great dinner, some traditional dancing to entertain us, enormous rooms, helpful and thoughtful hosts, and you can't beat seeing giraffe and warthog as you come up the driveway as well as a resident hippo. Wish we found this place earlier! They were celebrating the end of the season before a month break by taking their entire staff to the Moholoholo (yes, sounds Hawaiian) Rehab Center.

Before you are able to ooh, aah and even pet the animals you could previously only see from the safety of your car, they give you a whole spiel on their mission. In short, they talk about how humans have impacted upon the habitat of these animals (or how much we've screwed up the environment for these creatures) and how since animals cannot change, we must change for them. Often, animals such as cheetah or leopard search for territory, find a farm, become unwanted and shot or snared, and finally taken to the rehab center. Post recovery, they are placed in their natural environment or kept at the rehab center for education purposes.

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