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Monday, May 16, 2011

Where the WILD Things Are

Okay, so it took over 6 hours of waiting, only to get the wrong one, then having to fill out an application for a new one and then filling out a refund form and still giving more information through e-mail to complete the refund. Does this bureaucratic nightmare sound like the IRS or the DMV? Nope. This was all for a South African National Parks membership, otherwise known as the WILD card. (Let's not even discuss the fact that it cost us 4x more than a South African family to get one.)

And was it worth it? Here are the beautiful parks we drove through, hiked and had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the animals. Just a warm-up to the mother of all parks: Kruger National Park.

Valley of Desolation at Camdeboo NP

A couple out on an afternoon stroll at Karoo NP

Half Indian-half Atlantic at Agulhas NP - the southern-most point in Africa

The no-longer endangered Bontebok at Bontebok NP

A chilly dip on the Storms River mouth trail at Tsitsikamma NP

Chacmas grooming at Tsitsikamma NP

Watch out for tortoises crossing the road at Gamkaberg Nature Reserve

The early bird catches the lions at Addo Elephant NP

Zebras at Addo having their lunch

Gentle giant beside our car

Echo ravine trail end point at Golden Gate NP


  1. Gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful!

  2. I was at the southern most point in Africa too. I just wandered over to your blog. What a journey you are on! I am going to have to go back and read your older entries.