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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We were having some serious cultural withdrawal after being in the tribally rich West African countries who continue to live as they have for centuries. Here in the Southern part of Africa, you feel much more separated from the people. With tourism geared for Westerners, you will rarely find any local food on the menu and most of your interactions are minimal unless you organize a trip to a township. However, in the northwest region of Namibia, the you'll find the distinctive Himba going about their business in the supermarket and getting into vans to get back to their villages. These semi-nomadic pastoralists use every part of the cow - from the skirts that cover their nether regions to the butter-ochre mixture that covers their entire body. We stocked up to donate some dry goods as our admission into the village and went with a guide that was living in the town of Opuwo to get up close with the Himba. Shake a Himba's hand and you too will look like you're part of the iron rich earth of Namibia.

A little Himba baby brother? So Angelina!

No part of the cow unused

Himba Ergo

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