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Friday, June 17, 2011

They Got Game

Oryx or Gemsbok

Southern Africa is not for vegetarians. This is meat country and people here are prepared to braai anything that moves! All the animals we've seen in the parks and reserves are usually available on the menu in most restaurants. Here are my favorites ranging from okay-glad-I-tried-it to I-could-eat-THAT-at-least-once-a-week.

9. Impala: grilled, bit too game-y for me
8. Crocodile: ribs were half-fish, half-chicken consistency, mild tasting
7. Kudu: sometimes game-y, sometimes not, best as a burger
6. Warthog: think roast pork, it's a hog after all.
5. Springbok: mostly smoked, like a charcuterie, often called carpaccio on a menu, good in a salad
4. Eland: just plain grilled over a wood fire
3. Zebra: had it at the famous Joe's Beerhouse, medium rare, melts in your mouth
2. Ostrich: the best in the Karoo and up there with their lamb, even better that it doesn't contain all that artery clogging bad stuff
1. Oryx: as good as a filet mignon, would raise them in the back yard if I could, they look as good as they taste

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