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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Da Beach and Da Museum in Da Nang

You would probably expect to have the beach mostly to yourself on a late afternoon on a Thursday, right? Not in Da Nang. As soon as the blazing June sun has started to set, swarms of locals comb the beach and cool off in the East Vietnam Sea also known as the South China Sea (depending on which country you ask).

Before 5pm
After 5pm

When twilight appears, the crowds all flock to the roadside seafood restaurants that line the beach. 

$150/kilo lobster anyone?

But beach aside, to get your Shiva, Ganesha and apsara fix, pay a visit to the marvelous Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture. If you've become obsessed with Hindu iconography, as I have, add this to your places-to-visit list. In the same time period and style of Angkor Wat, the Champa empire ruled the central region of Vietnam. Some pieces in the museum are collected from the religious My Son site (the best preserved out of the ones that remain) which can be visited on a trip to Hoi An. 

Then speed on out of here. Unfortunately, that's really all there is to see in Da Nang!

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