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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Can't Take the Heat

The sweltering heat finally caught up with us. Early mornings were okay to hike, but as soon after 10:30am, it was unbearably hot and the only thing to do was sit under shade, have a cold drink, take a nap and wait until the late afternoon for relief.

After our beautiful hike from the plateau in Djiguibombo to Ende and Yabatalou, on the plain, Marc was struck with heat exhaustion and we took the following day to relax and get some massages from the local medicine man.

Hiking along the plateau towards the plain

Help navigating straw covered rocks from Ismael on the final descent to Ende

Soul ergo-ing a sleeping Alex down the escarpment

A massage before bedtime

Sleeping under the stars (and with sounds of donkeys, chickens and sheep) in Yabatalou

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