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Monday, March 7, 2011

Here We (Ori)go!

Can't you see I'm relaxing?

I have to admit, I'm happy to not be haggling with taxi drivers or waiting hours for transport to leave. We have spoiled ourselves renting a van with ample room for the three of us and our junk. And on top of that, the van comes with a driver and an assistant.

Thanks to Marc's dentist, Lief, we were able to meet Filip, who owns and runs Origo, a company that arranges tours in East and West Africa. They have diverse itineraries that last for about 2 weeks for groups of 6-8, but are flexible in rearranging your trip according to your needs. In our case, we make up the schedule as we go. The guys make sure we get as much out of the day as possible without rushing through anything and safely getting us to where we need to be.

The person most spoiled in this endeavor is, of course, Alex. Soul, co-pilot to Marcel/mechanic/guide/ deal maker/all around sweet guy with the voice of a double bass, has taken on the role of sherpa and guardian to Alex. He doesn't have kids yet, so he has no idea what he's in for. The slightest whimper and he's there to pick her up. I think that's why the whining has peaked!

Les Cascades de Karfiguela, near Banfora

Les domes de Fabedougou, near Banfora


  1. Hi Marc and Christine...I promised you that our crew are thiefs of hearts. I like it !!!
    If some of your friends are interested to discover the real black West Africa, they can always contact us.
    Mail: Web: (Dutch only).
    Best regards , also to Marcel and Soul

  2. Marc's dentist Lief??? What about Marc's friend Lief :)

  3. okay Lief- friend, marathoner extraordinaire, rabbit stew master, and life of the party -what else have i forgotten?