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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mamalene Has Arrived

After nearly 6 months of not seeing her and some broken Skype sessions, Mamalene was finally coming to see us in South Africa. We decided to take advantage of her newly acquired Portuguese and head into Mozambique. But we weren't going to let her leave without a taste of safari here in Southern Africa. First stop: Kruger National Park.

Every time in the park is different, with this time as no exception. (And I can't seem to tire of sitting in a car all day to see animals.) Mamalene was treated to a 4 out of Big 5 sighting on her very first day. The elusive rhino never made an appearance. Sadly, on our way out we caught an eagle and vultures feasting on an impala that was clearly run over by a car on the road.

Mamalene realized quickly how addictive game viewing can be and so we indulged her with one more day in the park. Given the choice, she might have stayed in the park for the full two weeks of her vacation!

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