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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mozambique's Got Beef

What happened to Mozambique? Was it the Portuguese leaving the Mozambicans in economic shambles after independence? Was it the immediate civil war that lasted two decades?

This was the first African country where we felt that the people were less than welcoming, aggressive and didn't stick to the deal when it came to money and that for such a poor country, they were charging up to $80 for motel-like spartan rooms (on top of charging us extra for a mattress for Alex!)

Another bizarre occurrence was that all the big (read: expensive) hotels in the major cities (Nampula and Quelimane) were always full to capacity. Who were the people staying in these places? Again, we found that many business and government workers traveled throughout the country and stayed in these 4-5 star hotels or guesthouses!

Please, can someone explain Mozambique to me?

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