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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vamos Embora!

In order to make her experience more African, we ditched the car rental and took public transport into Mozambique. Although, I have to admit, the exorbitant rental prices were also helpful in making that decision.

From Nelspruit, we crossed the border and made our way to the hustling and bustling capital city of Maputo. Arriving in the evening, we had a taste of Maputo night life with well heeled residents hanging out in cafes for late meals and drinks.

After a grey and lazy morning, we made a deal with a taxi driver (who later was extremely dissatisfied with the agreed-upon price and sulked about it for several minutes - VERY Mozambican!) and headed to Inhambane for some sun and sand. We were hoping to finally leave behind the freezing winter in South Africa. But we weren't going to be that lucky! All night long, we had chilly non-stop rain. Moving onto to the laid-back beach town of Tofo, we spent the night NOT sleeping due to high winds whistling through our palm leaf roof and bugs falling from the ceiling and into our beds.

Heading further north (and hoping for warmth and some comfort) to Vilanculos, we took a crowded bus to our home away from home for the next week and a half. We were finally going to get some relaxation and maybe some sun.

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