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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The General and The Lady

In most countries, you find the faces of the current rulers pasted against the wall in every business or office. But in Myanmar, the faces you see most often - on calendars, ripped out of magazines, pasted on walls, hanging on key chains, printed on t-shirts - are of General Aung Sun and his Nobel Peace Prize winning daughter Aung San Suu Kyi. During our stay in the country she was sworn in as a member of the parliament, along with 33 other members of her National League of Democracy party. Although she initially made an issue of refusing to "safeguard" the army-created constitution and wanting instead to "respect" it, she eventually backed down. She continues her fight for freedom and democracy for the people of Myanmar. Unfortunately, we were not lucky enough to spot her while we were there.

...and daughter at a wood sculpture workshop in Ngapali Beach
 Gold leaf pounding workshop in Mandalay
Silk weaving workshop in Amarapura. Every station had a picture of her. Apparently, there is also equal respect for Hillary.
Posing with the famous a-nyeint group, the Moustache Brothers in Mandalay

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