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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stranded in Sittwe

Most people stop in Sittwe only briefly to or from Mrauk U, but if you stay at least one night you'll discover that this little port town has an interesting mix of people from the Rakhine to Muslim Rakhine to the non-recognized Rohingya (especially being so close to the Bangladesh border), a lively fish and rice market, fairly intact colonial architecture, and some delicious Muslim and Chinese tea houses for snacks from samosas to steamed buns. If your Burmese is good enough, you can even sit at the cinema for some good laughs. We had no choice but to stay here due to all the flights back to Yangon being fully booked (and no other way but a flight allowed) but glad that we got a chance to see it's charms.

Fried snacks
Don't know if I'd order a dozen of these...

Super light aluminum water cans from Bangladesh

Our new yellow house? Complete with tennis court!
Take your tea "chaw bawk"
Preparing the samosas
Fresh out of the steamer
Cinema with only a curtain separating it from the restaurant where we had dinner

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