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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Soaking wet start

Just when I thought we were being smart by coming to Yangon on the last day of Thingyan (Burmese new year water festival) I was wrong. The wet fun in Myanmar extends an extra day (unlike Bangkok) and finally comes to an end the day after with the whole town going to Shwedagon Paya for extra merit making (aka good karma). What that also meant was that we weren't going very far with limited transport and many shops and restaurants closed. With nothing else to do, we donned our water festival clothing (skirt, tank top and bathing suit underneath) and joined in on the fun. 

Girls waiting to perform a traditional dance

Water pump attached to a reservoir

Our first evening ended with a BBQ dinner near Chinatown. You can always count on the Chinese to keep their businesses open, even on a holiday. We chatted with a Canadian-Burmese man on holiday to visit his family who eventually ended up treating us to dinner! 

For the final day of celebration, join the masses at the glowing Shwedagon Paya. I think everyone in Yangon was here. 

For good luck, find the day when you were born and pour water over the animal, buddha and pole with the sign.

Happy new year, take 2. This time Myanmar style. Super soaker free but super soaked nonetheless!

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