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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baby Got Backwaters

Expect this to be your big splurge in Southern India. A trip to Kerala would not be complete without getting on a houseboat and cruising through the sleepy backwaters. Don't forget to check out a few before you decide, and leaving from Kumarakom is quieter than leaving from Alleppey. Sit back, relax, watch the fishermen and villagers, take in the green everywhere, catch up on a book or some sleep. The boat slowly cruises and a sense of incapacity should set in

Top deck living, downstairs dining

Chinese fishing nets teetering over houseboats

The back is where it all happens
My generator is bigger than your generator
Dieting is not an option since all mouthwatering, stuff-your-face-till-you-explode meals are included. Typical Keralan meals are freshly prepared for you by the crew. We had our fair share of idlis, puttu and sambar for breakfast; fried fish, lobster, mussels, and curried vegetables for lunch and dinner. If that's not enough, there's plenty of fresh fruit for dessert and fried bananas with evening tea.

Staving off occasional boredom with Mamalene's iPad

The first state to democratically elect a communist gov't; the party still alive and well

Off to work in the rice paddies

Island churches decked out for Christmas

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