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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A(no)khi? Yes!

As soon as I mentioned the desire to go to the Anokhi Hand Printing Museum, our driver quickly drove us to a block printing showroom and demonstration where it was "cheaper and the same thing." He also added that the museum had paid the guide books to list them so that it wasn't altogether an honest review. I had my heart set on checking out the actual museum, the haveli where it was located and seeing some quality work. Instead, we did see some block printing, but none of the textiles they showed us in their store appeared to be the work that was being done downstairs. And when I requested to go to Anokhi's retail store in Jaipur, I was again warned how expensive the pieces would be! However, he finally obliged to take us there. It makes perfect sense they write this warning to tourists on their website:
 "As we don’t pay commission (payouts) to drivers or travel guides you may find it difficult to convice your rickshaw driver, taxi driver or travel guide to take you to the Anokhi shop. You may find them advising you on ‘better’ shopping options instead, possibly places where they would get paid a sum of money by the shopkeeper in return for taking you shopping."
I'm just glad I stood my ground and insisted because I proudly declare myself their newest fan. I immediately was overwhelmed with the selection and quality of the products they sell. The cottons are buttery soft and the patterns are irresistible. As for price, if you're making US dollars, it's reasonable but certainly not cheap. You can find similar looking items in many of the bazaars, but I'm not sure you'll get the same quality.
Dream in hand printed, cottony sleep

Go Indian or go Western
Softest. Pajamas. Ever.
I just don't want to get out of bed...
Pint sized Anokhi
Out with shirts with holes, in with stripes
My new block printed sarong and indigo kurta

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