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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Mahal The Taj Mahal

Yes, we've all seen the perfect pictures of this sublime building. But in person, the subtleties just leave you in complete awe - the different shades of white Makrana marble, the intricate semi precious stone inlays of poppies and lilies, the octagonal screens or jalis, the symmetry of the entire site. I don't think there is a building more perfect than this. Then there's the love story behind it - a memorial to his wife after dying from the birth of their 14th child.

No picture can capture the amazement you feel when you sit and contemplate this structure. But here are some feeble attempts:

Doesn't get more perfect than this
Get in line to get to the grand entrance

Makrana marble in various shades of white and veining

Inlay work

Sandstone mosque and it's ornamental twin on the other side

 It is as tall as it is wide
Imprisoned by his son at Agra Fort where he spent his last 8 years looking at the Taj from a tower

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