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Monday, November 28, 2011

Jain Says...

Practice non-violence to all living creatures. Strict or ultra vegetarians, Jains go so far as to abstain from eating potatoes, onions and garlic to avoid hurting killing tiny life forms; also, eating root vegetables involves uprooting and killing the entire plant. They certainly didn't abstain from making temples that are intricate and elaborately carved from floor to ceiling, inside and out. The one we visited in the quiet village of Ranakpur, had 1,444 columns, each one different from the other. 

Nestled between the hills

Kama Sutra temple

Paisley ceiling
No two alike
Masked to prevent inhalation (and killing) of microbes

Temple rules

But in Bikaner, instead of carvings, we were able to see a magnificent Jain temple painted throughout. Underneath, they used 40,000 kg of ghee (clarified butter) for the foundation! Apparently on hot summer days it still seeps through the marble floors.

Bear hug from a Jain priest
On the floor with a Manhattan family of 6, also on a year long trip around the world

Beginning evening puja with a blow from a conch shell

Marc participating in puja

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