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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Other Yellow House

Between Jaipur and Ajmer lies a small village with a big fort and palace. Completely unknown to us (not listed in the Lonely Planet or even on its map) but suggested by Filip from ORIGO to check out and apparently a favorite of our driver, Yadov, we drove through Roopangarh's gates, into its periwinkle town and took a palatial room at the fort. Much more authentically a maharaja's palace than Laxmi Vilas, it's directly joined to the fort and was built in 1648 by Roop Singh of Kishangarh. It is peaceful, has enormous rooms, serves great meals and has a hospitable staff that introduced Alex to India's favorite sport of cricket and accompanied us on a walk around Roopangarh. The charming little village is home to handmade sparkly bangles, silver jewelry, gold ribbons for fancy saris, and marble carvings. This should be a definite stop on every Rajasthan itinerary.

Try to break through these walls
Welcome to my palace
Our other yellow house

Best room in the house

Bigger than a big NY apartment

Alex's rocking bed
Dining room

A little tennis anyone?
Cocktails and games on the patio
The "Queen's Suite" 

Purple view from the fort

Sacred cow

Cut and shave

Water and yogurt pots

Ending the night with jalebi and milky sweets (for you Flips: think pastillias de leche)

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