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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mysore, No Eyesore

Our final state in India: Karnataka. (At least, for this trip.) Upon arriving, we visited Marc's friend Pavi in Bangalore. She was in her 38th week of pregnancy, looking like she literally swallowed a watermelon, but had as much energy as Alex. It was a relief to come over and then have a home cooked Indian meal. Being Keralan, she and her auntie prepared some delicious curried lamb, veggies and wholesome red rice!

As the Silicon Valley of India, you can indulge in the most authentic international cuisines. And you'll pay for it too. We splurged on sushi and a bacon beef burger. (Yes, the sacred cow, medium rare, please, and slap some greasy, fried pig on top of it!)

Green, green, green with lots of parks and gardens throughout the city. However, there wasn't much else for us to see or do, so we headed out of the green to keep some green in our wallets. Back on my favorite of all trains, the Shatabdi Express headed to Mysore. Mysore, like Bangalore, has stretches of big, wide, tree-lined streets. The difference, less traffic and more beautiful, older buildings. 

Hit the Devaraja market (because one can never get enough colorful market action and it's the best cheap touristy thing to do)...

Reminds me of Dutzi bags
Chew on these
Grate some of the fruit below with these

Wouldn't be India without a cow

More floral temple offerings

Jaggery for the ultra-sweet Mysorepak.

Plastic woven bags

...visit the palace interiors by day...

...and watch it light up like a Christmas tree on the weekends by dark...

...and pay a visit to some caged (but well taken care of) fauna at the Mysore Zoo.

Week old dholes
White tiger. Forget any wild sightings. This is the best we got.

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