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Saturday, January 21, 2012

North vs. South

If the north were to duke it out with the south, I would definitely be rooting for the south. With it's lighter fare (coconut milk vs. cow cream, rice based starches vs. wheat, less pulvarized spices), there's no limit to how much I can eat this stuff. 

Lead me to "South Indian Thali" on the menu and my eyes look no further. My stomach has already decided. Even for you hardcore meat eaters, opt for the veg version. I just can't get enough sambar, coconut curry, mixed vegetables, masala potatoes, and raita - all served with South Indian papad and tons of rice on a fresh banana leaf. Get that right hand ready and dig in!

Chettinadu thali at Grand Gardenia Hotel in Trichy

The thali at Gnanam Hotel in Thanjavur

The South Indian lunch at Mamalla Heritage in Mamallapuram

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