Connect the dots

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


One year ago...

we packed up our house. 
we carefully walked on ice and shoveled snow. 
we nursed our illnesses and surrendered to antibiotics. 
we celebrated Alex's birthday with her best friend before they turned 3. 
we took a leave from work. 
we trusted Marc's assistant to run the show at 158 and 164.
we said tearful goodbyes to friends and family. 
we packed 3 backpacks.
we left Brooklyn. 
we embarked on a journey. 

One year later...

we know a tiny bit more about the world.
we attempted to at least say "thank you" in the local language.
we made over 100 hotels/guesthouses/B&Bs/palaces! our home.
we traveled by foot, truck, bike, motorcycle, bus, train, boat, car and auto rickshaw (tuk-tuk). 
we had 3 motor vehicle accidents and walked away from them. 
we still sing Beatles songs, listen to Alex's version of Michael Jackson and Talking Heads' Road to Nowhere.
we donated a stroller, books (that were given by Fort Greene friends), clothing and toiletries. 
we ate local food at the side of the road, in the markets, in transit, and in hole-in-the-wall and upscale restaurants. 
we missed (but found places to eat) oysters, bacon, steak frites, sushi, noodles and pizza. 
Alex grew taller and Marc and I, wider. 
we found relaxation is easiest where there is sun, sand and water.
we don't take electricity, hot water and high speed internet for granted.
we always keep a flashlight close by. 
we've had at least 15 different SIM cards and mobile phone numbers.
we have an addiction to Anokhi.
we've had people who invited us, total strangers, into their homes.
we've taken over 15,000 photographs of people and places that we found fascinating.
Alex has endlessly had her cheeks pinched and kissed, hair pulled, stroked, patted, and can completely stand up for herself when she doesn't want to be touched. (Warning: Stay away, stay very far away.)
we met other families with children doing what we were doing. (And loving it just as much as we did.)
we had family come see us wherever we were, even if that meant taking 4 flights, being in transit over 48 hours and lost baggage. (Thanks Mamalene!)
we realized we needed a lot less than what were used to having. 
we, physically, as well as mentally, survived nearly 365 days of constantly being together. 

One year later and we still feel lucky and happy we made the decision to take this trip. But it's not over yet. Our remaining 7 months will fly by, exactly like this past year did.


  1. Love it!!!! Can i be adopted into your family, please :))))

    1. big sister? i think you'd be a great candidate to take along on a trip!

  2. Hi everyone over there!
    So great to follow your stories... We're thinking about you all, on the other side of the world... Any chance you'll pass by in good old Belgium on the way home?
    Take care, and enjoy the ride :-)
    Maarten, Kris, Elizabet, Hannah, Inne, Choco, Chablis.